Have you ever wondered how the Forex market works? Are you curious about becoming a trader, but don’t know how to get started? Well, believe it or not, it’s very easy and you don’t even need any money to get started. Let me introduce you to the world of currency trading.

Forex, or foreign currency exchange, trading can be broken down into several key elements. These include a market, your broker, your broker’s trading software, and yourself. In short, you will make decisions, enter them into trading software, and watch the results. It isn’t necessary for you to know very much else about your broker at this point.

However, the most important thing to know about your broker is that any money you deposit in your account is protected. Find out where each broker you are considering is located and see if they are required to work with local regulatory agencies. Honestly, the best way to scope out brokers is to find a trading forum and ask others for advice.

Once you have found some candidate brokers that meet your trust and regulatory requirements, then it is time to dig a little deeper. Two things you will want to consider are the features found in their trading software and the cost of entering a trade. Simply download their software, generally referred to as a platform, and start trading with a faux money game account.

The cost of entering a trade is known as the pip spread. Without getting technical, the difference between the market buy price and the market sell price is the spread, expressed in points or pips. The larger this spread then the more the market has to move in your favor for you to make a profit. However, it is certainly appropriate to accept a slightly higher pip spread if you find a broker or trading platform that you really like.

Let me summarize this to show you how simple it really is. Find a broker. Download their trading platform. Open up a free game account. Buy and sell currency pairs in order to get familiar with market movements and your trading platform. Continue using a game account for several months until you have witnessed a wide variety of market activities.

That’s it. Now, once you’ve started trading in a game account, it is time to start visiting some online trading forums and reading everything you can. You’ll want to learn about charting, fundamental and technical analysis, stops, limits and plenty of other arcane terms that are actually very simple to learn once you are actively involved in trading.

Finally, don’t worry about whether or not you have chosen the best broker, because you’ll have plenty of time to move to another. In fact, by the time you are ready to graduate to a live account, you will surely know whether or not your broker’s platform offers all of the charting or trading capabilities that you desire. Now, get out there and start trading.