I have been trading the Foreign Exchange Currency Market (Forex) live for a few months as of this writing. I have to say it is VERY exciting!

I was beating my brains out trying to trade the Stock Market. Over 40 thousand stocks to watch (way too many). I tried Futures trading. That was just plain wacky. I tried Options Trading. Many more losses than gains. Then I found out about the FOREX!

At first, I was a skeptic. I didn’t believe all the hype (having seen the results of my last trading encounters). Now, I have found it is entirely possible to completely replace your income. In a matter of a few minutes, you can make hundreds of dollars and do this multiple times a week!

Here are only some of the advantages I have found trading the Forex:

You only have to watch one major currency pair (EUR/USD) to make money instead of over 40,000 stocks on the stock exchanges. Feel free to trade other pairs, but get good at it first.

The Forex Market trades 24 hours / 6 days a week. The Forex begins trading on Sunday at 2 pm EST and goes straight through until Friday at 4 pm EST. You can trade according to your schedule, unlike the Stock Market that’s only trading from 9:30 am to 4 pm EST.

You only need $300 to open a trading account with a Forex broker.

You don’t have to pay commissions to the broker.  This is HUGH! What a savings!  What you see is what you get in your brokerage account. After you close your trade the exact amount goes, instantly, into your account.

You can learn how to trade in a matter of hours. All beginners are welcome.

You don’t have to have any special degree to trade. No one is going to ask you what university you attended or what credentials you have. You are completely anonymous!

World’s best home-based business. You can have your own business with NO employees!
Work from home or ANYWHERE you can get an internet connection! (High Speed Broadband connection preferred) You are in 100% control!
In fact, you can sit at your computer and trade without having to talk to anyone.

You are now on a level playing field with the enormous international banks. The Forex used to be only available to the banking institutions until around 1999. Now individual traders can trade the Forex to make a healthy income.

Trading the Forex Market offers an unlimited opportunity! The choice is yours. I know which market I chose!