As a new binary options trader it is imperative to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the highs and lows that come along with binary trading. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to select a good binary options trading platform, one that is easy to use and fits your style of trading whether that be forex, stocks, commodities, or index trading. So now it’s time to trade, where should you start. Well you know they say those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You need a solid binary options strategy. So that’s what we have for you outline below.

The Early Hedger Binary Options Strategy

The binary options strategy most newbies use relies on a basic understanding of technical analysis. If you’ve never used any type of technical analysis to read charts, we suggest reading a book on candlestick charting, which seems to be the tool of choice of most binary traders. Incorporating candlestick charting into your binary options strategy will allow you to pick entry and exit points more efficiently. The dynamics of the early hedger binary options strategy can best be summarized as such:

1.    Determine proper entry points for your binary option trade early in the expiration cycle (e.g. 10:00-10:15)
2.    Allow the underlying time to make its move, closely monitoring opportunities to increase the size of the trade or hedge.
3.    Start looking to place a potential second trade roughly 10 minutes prior to the lock out period
4.    If the position is deep in the money your best bet is to probably leave it alone.
5.    If the position is deep out of the money you can leave it alone and move on to the next trade or attempt to place 2 more trades to lock in a profit zone.
6.    If the position is trading right around the initial entry point, you may want to consider placing the opposite binary trade position to limit maximum losses.

Follow these six steps to guide your initial trading actions. This early hedger binary options strategy is a sound way to control the potential risk of an otherwise risky venture. Under this binary options strategy you always give yourself a chance to lock in profits or exit bad positions while maintaining an eye on potential loss. Other popular binary strategies expose traders to substantial risk with no consideration for safety. As a new binary options trader you want to stay in the game for as long as possible so try to follow the guidelines laid out in this simple binary options strategy when starting your trading day.